The story of God's love for each adored, only child born kidnapped and brainwashed

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            A loving God has always been part of my worldview. He was in charge of everything, loved me, was working out some plan that I was supposed to find my way in, and He would eventually set everything that was wrong in this world straight again. Somehow, mixed in with those facts were the facts that some of this rested on me, on my figuring out the plan, on my coming into line with it (whether or not others did).

            As I matured, I realized that there were nearly an infinite number of interpretations of “the loving God,” “the plan” and how we were to “come into line with it” (if, indeed, we were expected to do anything at all.) These varying interpretations, both across and within denominations, even within families and groups of friends, sometimes created deep hurt and tension.  At one broken place in my life, I said both verbally and symbolically—“God, show me who You are.”  Very soon thereafter, I felt the tiny beginnings of peace, and an inkling of hope for clarity—eventually. And a journey began which included an unfolding life experience and study, across several decades and several disciplines.

            The result of that growing understanding is what I want to share on this Website. Some things I share will be a description of my growing understanding. Other things will be more theological, some will be inspired spiritual insights, and perhaps some will even be social science—all of which God has used to give me understanding. The hope is that from my sharing, and other things in your own life, you will develop your own understanding.

            Since I speak from the outskirts of the world of academia, I believe each piece of shared understanding should be prefaced with a “research question.” So, I would submit that my life research questions are: “Who are You, God?” “How do you relate to me?” and “How should I (we) live?” It is my prayer that, as you peruse this work of heart and mind, you will hear what I believe God has told me in answer to those questions.


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